Besides announcing the imminent arrival of the new SUV, Proton Chief, Dr Li Chunrong has revealed that the national carmaker will be introducing one brand new model every year until 2021, starting with the yet-to-be-named SUV.

Without going into the details, Dr Li said that the new upcoming models will feature the Geely Group’s “latest technologies”. When asked whether these future models will be a rebadged exercise like the Boyue SUV, Dr Li assured that they will be products co-developed between Proton and Geely.

Dr Li stated that the “rebadging exercise” is not as straightforward as it sounds because converting a left-hand drive to a right-hand drive vehicle takes plenty of engineering work. “It’s not only about putting the wheel from the left to the right, they will change a lot,” he added.

With Proton’s new corporate image that represents a global lifestyle, technology-driven, youthful exuberance and caring attitude which reflects a fresher, more dynamic and bolder Proton, Dr Li promised that Proton will receive the Group’s latest technologies and design simultaneously as its counterparts in China.

Proton CEO, Dr Li Chunrong

Currently, in Proton’s line up, the Preve, Suprima S and Exora are amongst the oldest model in their stable despite having numerous updates and facelifts. It remains to be seen whether Proton is going to replace these models or to come up with a completely new (and streamlined) product line up in the coming years. Regardless, exciting times ahead for both Proton and Malaysians.

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