With just 33 Series 1 GTOs ever built, followed by countless participation and victories in some of the world’s most well-known races, it wouldn’t be an understatement at all to call the 250 GTO, the holy grail of Ferraris.

Claimed to have never been crashed in its 55-year lifespan, this particular 250 GTO (chassis 4153 GT) which was part of the 1963 Le Mans 24 hours race was sold at USD 70,000,000 which loosely converts to around RM 277,956,000.00 – eclipsing the previous record thought to be in the region of USD 52 million. It cost just USD 18,500 when it was new.

The buyer is believed to be an American businessman by the name of David MacNeil who’s a known Ferrari collector and CEO of  WeatherTech, a company that makes floor mats for cars and such.

Marcel Massini, a world-renowned Ferrari historian, had described the car as one of the top three GTOs in the world. He had also expressed, in confidence, that a 250 GTO could surpass the USD 100 million mark within the next five years.

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Pan Eu Jin
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