Shortly after introducing the “Malaysia” series number plates, in conjunction with Merdeka Day celebrations, Transport Minister Anthony Loke claims that the Ministry of Transport is also looking into more “personalised” number plates.

Actual names could soon be placed on number plates, as cited by Loke, so I’m really looking forward to a personalised “AutoBuzz” number plate for each of us in the team.The move follows after the introduction of the Malaysia series number plates, which will run from 1 – 9999 and will be open for public bidding from 2nd to 16th July and tender results will be out by 23rd August.

There will be no element of biasness and favouritism for VIPs as all these plates will go to the highest bidder. That said, do let go of all hopes to acquire the Malaysia 2020 number plate as it would be reserved for national hero, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.Future plans are also to roll out new number plate series’ for individual states and but it’ll only commence once the Malaysia series plates are completed.

From now on, all special plates will be strictly handled, without exceptions, by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) instead of the so called NGOs previously with all revenue going to the government in hopes of improving public transportation.

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Pan Eu Jin
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