Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia introduces the AgilityPlus plan

Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia must believe that too many people want to experience the best or nothing behind the wheel, so they’ve come up with this, the new AgilityPlus plan, to make sure no man (or woman) is denied their dream Mercedes-Benz.

As an extension to the Agility Financing plan, as we’ve been explained to, which offers flexible end of agreement options to settle or extend their contracts or return their Mercedes-Benz vehicles, AgilityPlus offers customers the option to equip their Agility Financing plan with either one or a combination of value add-ons.

They include the Mercedes-Benz Comprehensive Motor Insurance, Tyre and Rim Insurance, Return to Invoice (RTI) Insurance as well as the Mercedes-Benz Service Package (Compact or Compact Plus).The Guaranteed Future Value is another key feature which protects customers against depreciation, while enjoying lower monthly instalments.

“With the inclusion of the Mercedes-Benz Service Package, customers are assured their Mercedes-Benz vehicles are cared for by trained and experienced technicians, equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and guaranteed use of genuine parts. Our presence at touch-points throughout our extensive network further guarantees convenience for our customers nationwide,” explained Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia, Managing Director, Mike Ponnaz.

Besides the freedom to adjust the tenure of each financing and insurance solution, customers also benefit from savings as a result of being protected against the fluctuations of volatile market prices through the Guarantee Future Value and Mercedes-Benz Service Package.

The tenure options for Agility Financing, RTI and Mercedes-Benz Service Package (Compact) is between one to five years while the tenure for Comprehensive Motor Insurance and Tyre and Rim is one year (renewal basis). The Mercedes-Benz Service Package (Compact Plus) is a one-off add-on.

The C350e now falls under Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s new EQ Power sub-category.

Customers who choose to finance their Mercedes-Benz GLC200, for instance, with the Drive360+ option for five years (20,000 km per annum), with a five year RTI, one year Comprehensive Motor Insurance and Tyre and Rim and Service Package (Compact Plus) will only pay RM 4,715 per month.

Through AgilityPlus, MBSM is also running the Performance Agility Care campaign from 25 April to 30 June. The campaign offers Agility Financing for all Mercedes-Benz AMG 43 and 45 models for an ownership tenure of one to five years, complemented by a service package and exclusive AMG merchandise.

On the side note, MBSM also recently introduced the EQ Agility Care campaign, which runs until 30 June 2018, to compliment the newly-launched EQ Power products. Through the campaign, customers who are also eligible to add on AgilityPlus solutions, will receive scheduled vehicle maintenance and servicing, along with an EQ Power charging wallbox packaged with their new EQ Power C350 e or E350 e for an ownership tenure of one to five years.

Pan Eu Jin

Pan Eu Jin

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