Watch the Honda Civic Type R set the fastest lap record at the Magny-Cours Circuit

The car needs no introduction anymore; it’s essentially a practical 300 hp four-door hatch that capably cushions your commute to work in the weekdays but can turn into an absolutely lethal weapon when driving is purely for leisure in the weekends.

Having previously set a lap record at the Nurburgring, sealing the fastest FWD vehicle on the 20 km track along the way, the FK8 Civic Type R was more than six seconds quicker than its predecessor, the FK2 and more than 5 seconds faster than the Golf GTI Clubsport S that tarnished the FK2’s record.

The mastermind behind the FK8 Honda Civic Type R, Hideki Kakinuma.

Driven by Honda Racing’s WTCR race driver Esteban Guerrieri, this time around the FK8 Civic Type R achieved the fastest lap for a FWD production car with a time of 2:1.51 seconds at the former F1 racetrack, Magny-Cours, in the first of Honda’s “Type R challenge” series.

The “Type R challenge” will see a line up of Honda racing stars trying to break FWD lap records at various circuits around Europe, including Estoril, Silverstone, and Spa-Francorchamps.



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