New Golf GTI TCR Concept premiered at the largest GTI gathering in the world

At the recently concluded 2018 Wörthersee Festival in Austria, Volkswagen premiered the Golf GTI TCR, a concept that took inspiration from the race car of the international TCR series.

The GTI TCR Concept makes 290 hp and 370 Nm from as low as 1,600 rpm, delivered through a 7-speed dual-clutch (DSG) transmission. While its 0 to 100 km/h time has not been revealed, top speed is electronically-limited to just 250 km/h, which can increased to 264 km/h by removing the Vmax electronic speed limiter – making it the fastest GTI of the current model.On the outside, Volkswagen claims the future production model will wear a set of 18-inch forged “Belvedere” alloy wheels, a 19-inch set is available as an optional upgrade. The GTI TCR will be fitted with two extra radiators to ensure sufficient cooling for the engine.

An optional performance package can be had, for racetrack use, which will include an even more dynamic sport chassis and adaptive chassis control.What denotes the TCR from the regular GTI is the newly-designed front bumper with sharply contoured splitters. The new front end design is continued through the sides with newly-designed side skirts, onward to the rear where it meets the diffuser.

It will also sport the “TCR” wordings on the side along with a TCR logo projected on the road upon opening the front doors. The Golf GTI TCR is still in its concept stage and technical details so far are merely “predictive values”.



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