Proton dealers hopes to recreate Lynk & Co showroom concept here in Malaysia

Following the recent dealer visit to Geely Research Institute (GRI) in Hangzhou Bay, China, another group of selected Proton dealers were exposed to the Lynk & Co outlet stores and were amazed by the brand’s corporate image and cars.

Positioned in between the Geely brand and Volvo Cars, Lynk & Co is a brand that embodies modernity, lifestyle and connectivity in cars which explains why the vibe in a Lynk & Co showroom is unlike any other traditional carmaker. Besides having cars on display, in a typical Lynk & Co showroom, you will find relaxation corner, stylish merchandise area and lounge-like customer waiting area.

As Hazree Hashim, of Pesat Auto Sdn Bhd, aptly puts it: “The outlet is all about lifestyle. If you are in Malaysia, it looks like walking into the Pavilion shopping mall, with its lighting, aura, even the feel of the quality of furniture in the outlet. There is a luxury feel to the outlet. We can safely call it luxury in a minimalist sense.”

“The design of the outlet is such that it rides on the sense of fashion, with relation to ‘chic’. Besides, the interior of the outlet is hipster style, trying to be non-conforming, an effort to be different from the rest in the market. This is what the young and smart look for. These days, the purchase of cars is more of a lifestyle choice, rather than a mere means of transport,” Hazree added.

Azizulmu’min Mohd Hussain Malim, of Rohamas Corporation Sdn Bhd. said: “After visiting this outlet, I believe I would like to emulate what I see. At the corner of a space, we can see that there are the details of customers’ information, which show delivery records on display for all to see. There are names of Sales Advisors, name of customers, as well as when the car was delivered. This is totally something new, and I would love to implement the same at my outlet. The information gives clarity to what is happening to each customers’ car, as well as a quick and good reference point.”

As for Ha Yih Wei, of Juara Mulia Motor Sdn Bhd concluded: “It is totally a different experience visiting Lynk&Co outlet. The whole look and feel is different. The inside also shows posters of young girls and guys shouting their own slogans about lifestyle. One slogan depicted the words – “Born alone but not lonely” – imagine this in an outlet selling cars, how many feel connected? The message is simple yet strong, especially those who would like to own a car and stand out in the crowd. This experience is a totally new and one of a kind.”


Lynk & Co Showroom in China

Adrian Chia

Adrian Chia

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