Rolls-Royce has created a more villainous version of the Wraith and Dawn

Rolls-Royce Black Badge Dawn & Wraith

The Bespoke Collective division of Rolls-Royce calls the darker iteration of the Black Badge Wraith and Dawn, the Adamas. Inspired by the name which translates to “untameable” or “invincible”, the limited collection celebrates the darker side of contemporary craftsmanship.

Only 40 Black Badge Wraiths and 30 Black Badge Dawns will be made – standing out with Rolls-Royce’s signature “Spirit of Ecstacy” made, for the first time in history, from machined carbon fibre.The iconic figure is engineered from 294 layers of aerospace grade carbon fibre, which took 68 hours to produce using a complex weave technique.

Inside, the clock that rests on the dashboard is encrusted with 88 laboratory-grown black diamonds. Its starlight headliner for the first time incorporates graded shading.In the Wraith Adamas, 1,340 individual fibre optic lights are configured to form the molecular structure of carbon transforming into diamond, presenting a motif reminiscent of a powerful spine running through the cabin.

Getting on and off the Adamas’, occupants will be treated to a powerful reminder from the illuminated tread plate reading either ‘Black Badge Wraith Adamas – One of Forty’ or ‘Black Badge Dawn Adamas – One of Thirty’.

That’s a lot of words to squeeze into a tread plate, innit?


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