Remember the e-Evolution concept Mitsubishi previewed at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show? Well, it could evolve into the new Lancer which will now likely be a crossover and not a sedan, as we’ve been familiar with before.

Speaking to Auto Express, Mitsubishi said that the e-Evolution Concept is an ideal platform for a smaller vehicle and just because it’s a C-segment vehicle doesn’t mean it has to take the shape of a typical hatchback.Mitsubishi will be adopting a radical approach in a bid to strive for originality, with a new form of hatchback vehicles. The “new Lancer” will likely be built on the Alliance’s CMF C/D platform; one that has spawned the likes of Nissan’s X-Trail and Renault’s Koleos.

The main reason behind this move is, unsurprising, linked to China and its exponential demand for SUVs.

4WD application is almost certain in the new Lancer, courtesy of the brand’s Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) system along with hybrid and electric powertrains where the latter will embrace a three-motor system – one at the front and two at the back.It’s safe to expect the use of Artificial Intelligence in the new Lancer, as previewed in the e-Evolution Concept, with an array of sensors to instantly read changes in road and traffic conditions as well as the driver’s intent to coordinate the vehicle’s dynamics accordingly.

The AI system also comes with a “Coaching Function”, as Mitsubishi calls it, which recognises the driver’s skill level and subsequently formulates a training program that provides advice through voice commands and the large dashboard display, to help its driver to enjoy the vehicle to an even greater degree.



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