ContiConnect Tyre Monitoring Platform for trucks makes global debut in M’sia

Malaysia had the privilege to witness the global debut of Continental Tyres’ latest innovation, the ContiConnect digital tyre monitoring platform for commercial vehicles. The 147-year-old premium tyre manufacturer has created a full circle solution to allow fleet managers to monitor the tyre conditions of the entire fleet on a single web portal.

Based on Continental Tyre Malaysia’s internal study, the company found that 58 percent of fleet tyres are underinflated in Malaysia and fleet trucks face a high number of tyre related breakdown. These problems adversely affect the company’s productivity as well as create a safety hazard to all road users. With ContiConnet, Continental aims to improve the safety standards of fleet trucks as well as bring nett savings for fleet truck operators.

ContiConnect uses a variety of sensors and telematics to monitor each individual tyre’s pressure and temperature. The Continental tyre sensor is mounted on the tyre’s inner liner to continuously measure the tyre’s pressure and temperature just like any other tyre pressure monitoring system available on passenger cars. The sensors then relay real-time information to the in-cab display and alert the driver if there are any prevailing issues.

The information will also be transmitted onto the cloud platform to allow fleet managers to identify and resolve tyre issues immediately, helping to prolong the tyres longevity and improve the safety of not only the drivers but also other road users.

Based on their pilot test in Malaysia and Thailand, with over 3,000 tyres fitted with ContiConnect, over 90 percent of fleet tyres maintained good inflation and resulted in 50 percent reduction in roadside tyre-related breakdowns. Companies that ran the pilot test also saw improvements in speed, accuracy and transparency of tyre maintenance activities which resulted in substantial cost savings.

Head of Sales & Marketing, Business Region APAC Truck Tyres, Philippe Barabinot: “It is such an exciting time for Continental in Asia Pacific. The pilot test we ran on ContiConnect in Malaysia and Thailand showed promising results. We are excited to share with our customers how ContiConnect can offer our brand promise of lowest overall driving cost and optimise fleet efficiency. This is an important step Continental is taking towards becoming an integrated solutions provider.”



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