Despite countless public service announcements (PSA) online, parents are still leaving their child inside their cars for an extended period. Parents, stop. Do not, under any circumstances, leave your children unattended inside the vehicle. A two-year-old girl died after her mother left her inside the car for four hours.

According to The Star, the mother who was a lecturer at Port Dickson Vocational College left the toddler locked in the car at the college’s parking lot since morning. It was not only until 1 pm the mother realised that her daughter was still strapped onto the child seat at the front passenger seat of her Proton Saga.

Port Dickson OCPD Supt Zainuddin Ahmad said “She only realised that her child was still in the car at around 1 pm. When she rushed to the vehicle, the victim was already unconscious,”. The victim was brought to a health clinic but was pronounced dead shortly after.

Again, we cannot stress how dangerous it is to leave your children – regardless of their age – locked in a car without supervision. An enclosed space without ventilation will soar to ridiculous temperatures in a matter of moments, especially in our country’s hot and humid climate.

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