Volkswagen to end production of the Beetle, replaced by Microbus

So the end is here. It has been confirmed that the Beetle will not be replaced and will cease to be produced once its current generation goes out of production; possibly the biggest announcement from the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

11 years since the reintroduction of the new Beetle in 1997, followed by a new model in 2011, the Beetle will be replaced by the production model of the Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept, as the retro-styled model in Volkswagen’s line-up.

The Microbus will replace the Beetle as Volkswagen’s retro-style model.

It seems that Volkswagen has decided to embark on a new journey with its MEB electric car platform, rather than having more “new versions” of the Beetle. A point we’d all agree on seeing as there’s not been an actual new Beetle but at the same time, it’s legitimately saddening to know that the adorable Beetle will be killed off entirely.

Focus will now be on the re-creation of the Microbus, a production version of the ID Buzz concept, which will be due for introduction early next decade.