Mercedes-Benz’s DIGITAL LIGHT can project warning symbols on the road

A select group of soon-to-be Mercedes-Maybach S-Class owners this year will be able to experience what DIGITAL LIGHT, premiered at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show by Mercedes-Benz is all about. Well, maybe their drivers, come to think of it.

DIGITAL LIGHT offers even higher lighting precision than the already cutting-edge MULTIBEAM LED headlights, minimising the risk of other road users being glared by the main beam.

With over a million pixels per headlamp, DIGITAL LIGHT not only creates ideal lighting distribution but can also project visuals such as symbols in HD quality to warn the driver of what’s ahead – whether it’s a pedestrian, a bend or even a construction site! The symbols include low-grip surface, lane keeping and even construction sites, to name a few.

It will operate in tandem with cameras and sensors to detect other road users, with data analysed by computers, a lighting chip with digital navigation maps within milliseconds to direct the headlamps to provide the best possible light distribution.


Pan Eu Jin

Pan Eu Jin

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