Have you ever thought of what the BMW M colours mean?

We’ve seen them everywhere – on various parts of the car, various form of merchandises while others feel so strongly for it, they’ve even had them tattooed on their bodies but what do the colours on BMW’s M logo represent?

The M logo consists of three different colours – Red, Blue and contrary to what most believe to be a darker shade of blue, is actually Purple.

It’s appropriate to first be reminded that BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works. As such the light blue is taken off the flag that represents the region where the brand was established. The red is a tribute to Texaco, an American oil giant who had partnered with BMW since the early days of BMW’s motorsport exploits in 1970s.

Finally, the middle stripe, the purple, is an elegant representation of the two company’s collaboration where red mixed with blue, turns to purple. It is said that once the BMW/Texaco partnership ended, BMW had to buyout Texaco to secure the rights to carry on with the red stripe.

The first use of the M colours were seen on the BMW 3.0 CSL Batmobile and has remained a permanent representation of BMW’s motorsports endeavour ever since.


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