BMW M Performance Parts for BMW X models, 21-inch wheels on an SUV…?

BMW has extended its range of M Performance Parts to the new X model family, the BMW X2, BMW X3 and BMW X4. The new SUVs gets a sportier attire inside and out, carbon fibre bits and ridiculously large alloy wheels.

Inspired by motorsports, the M Performance Parts were designed to complement sporty driving but mainly to create a visual impact on BMW vehicles. For the X family, options are not as extensive as the sedan models – M Performance front radiator grills, carbon fibre M Performance exterior mirror caps and M Performance side stickers in Frozen Black. Customers can also further option the BMW LED door projectors that replace the standard entry light.

Not too shouty there but adding the M Performance wheels and it’s a whole different story. The X2 is available with a 20-inch 717 M Style light-weight multi-spoke alloy wheels finished in matt black while the X3 and X4 have the option for a 19-inch Double Spoke 698 M Style M in Orbit Grey. But if you’re feeling a little over the top, BMW has a 21-inch Y Spoke 701 M Bicolor ready to be fitted onto your family SUV. The largest wheel in the programme saves two kilograms on each wheel, effectively reducing unsprung weight by eight kilograms.

Inside, all three cars can be fitted with the M Performance Alcantara steering wheel with a red motorsport marking in the 12 o’clock position. The sporty steering wheel can be paired with carbon fibre paddle shifters with the plus and minus symbols in anodised red (X3 and X4 only). A set of M Performance branded floor mats completes the interior package.

BMW Malaysia has confirmed that the BMW X3 and X2 will be making its way to our local shores in the first half of 2018. Maybe these M Performance Parts will play a role when selecting the specification for your new ride. Here is a G30 BMW 530i kitted out with the full range of M Performance Parts to give you an idea.


BMW X2 with M Performance Parts

BMW X3 with M Performance Parts

BMW X4 with M Performance Parts



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