This video of all things BMW is surprisingly therapeutic

The time is 8 pm and if you’re reading this, it’s probably cause the day has been pretty rough and as much as you’re “mentally off work”, chances are, you’re not off the hook just yet.

So let me prescribe this, a video on all things BMW – being cleaned, scraped, sprayed and so meticulous parked and fitted with boxes, it would please even the most OCD of people – it’s that therapeutic.

Revolving predominantly around the BMW 5 Series, I’m particularly fond of (being quite OCD myself) the raindrops, jet cleaner and hydrographics scene – they’re just too calming to not sooth the mind.

Speaking of the BMW 5 Series, check out Adrian’s recent review of the racy G30 530i M Sport with over RM 72k worth of accessories that is sure to put you at the edge of your seat.



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