Scientists will be using Audi’s quattro system to trek the moon

MISSION TO THE MOON Audi lunar quattro

Audi will be supporting a private group of German engineers and scientists called PTScientists on their mission to the Moon – a journey of 384,400 km which will take five days to complete.

Two “Audi Lunar Quattro Moon Rovers” will be loaded into a spacecraft that will be travelling 10 times the speed of sound on its way to the Moon.

Upon landing, the two Audi Lunar Quattro Moon Rovers will roam the surfaces of the Moon as it relays data back to Earth but it wouldn’t be without challenges.

Audi’s quattro system will have to provide traction for these rovers as they trek through unpredictable terrains filled with Moon dust which constantly breaks into finer pieces  which can render the rovers immobile. The rovers will also be visiting the Apollo 17 Lunar Rover’s landing site. Check out that interesting short video for more intriguing facts!


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