Meet the world’s first Tesla Shooting Brake, 0 – 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds

QWest, a UK-based carbon fibre coachbuilding specialist has just completed the build of the world’s first Tesla Shooting Brake. It is not a commissioned project from Elon Musk himself but it’s more of a  “because we can” situation. The Tesla Shooting Brake will make its public debut at the 2018 London Motor Show happening on 17th to 20th May 2018.

Based on a standard P90D sedan, QWest completely fabricated the rear section of the car from the rear roof section to the D pillar, all with carbon fibre to ensure high structural rigidity of the Shooting Brake while reducing weight. As a result, interior space has been expanded by 209 litres but at the same time 12 kg lighter than the car it was based on.QWest says that this is not a mere backyard conversion but a proper integrated design with engineered solutions to preserve the essence of the P90D. The car’s all-wheel drive, dual-motor setup and 90kWh battery pack have been retained, giving the Shooting Brake over 700 hp. Key performance figures of 2.8 second sprint time and cruising range of over 400 km per charge have also been carried over to the Shooting Brake.

If you are not aware, a standard P90D in the UK costs in the region of £97,000 (RM530k) so hats off to the guys at QWest for attempting such a feat and succeeded at it. Now, we wonder what Elon thinks of this little project?



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