A group of daredevils just went skydiving in a car!

While the Fast and the Furious sequel is on a break, this group of skydivers ensured that the show went on with a wildly dangerous stunt of their own – by falling out of a plane while still in a car in Arizona, USA.

As you can tell, the act was only for the extremely brave, if not the completely mindless. Right of the bat, as the car rolled out of the back of the plane, the skydiver pushing it completely lost his balance and scraped the side of the car while his fellow skydivers remained almost unfazed.

As the vehicle started rolling uncontrollably, notice how the skydivers were “ejected” involuntarily as the car carried on spinning in an absolutely unpredictable and volatile manner.

At the end, the car ultimately “spunned to its demise” while the rest of the skydivers kept their limbs and minds intact – escaping only with minor injuries. Please do not try this – not at home, not in the sky – just don’t.

Credit: ViralHog


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