Vin Diesel never signed any endorsement deals with Dodge, until now [+Video]

We're cool with this kinda Diesel.

While Paul Walker was largely associated with Japanese performance cars, it’s no secret that Vin Diesel loves his muscle cars, particularly Dodge. But did you know that all this while, Vin Diesel had never sign a single endorsement deal with Dodge? Yup, but all that’s changed now.

Dodge released three videos as part of the campaign “The Brotherhood of Muscle”, titled Rally Cry, Monsters, and Shepherds. The videos showcased the company’s performance models, ranging from the Durango, Charger SRT and the Challenger SRT Hellcat muscle car. Strangely, Dodge’s most recent brute, the Demon, was absent. Perhaps that could be saved for the next instalment of the Fast and the Furious?

The latest instalment of the Fast and Furious franchise, the Fate of the Furious (or Fast and Furious 8 in some markets) is still playing on the big screens, and it’s reportedly one of the biggest box office earners this year.


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