White Orchid Pearl now available for Jazz, City, BR-V & HR-V as cost option

Honda Malaysia has just announced that the premium White Orchid Pearl Colour is now available for all Honda models, sans the Civic Type R (FK8R) that comes exclusively in Championship White.

The new colour will replace the existing Taffeta White colour for the Jazz and City, BR-V and HR-V. Honda Malaysia first introduced the premium colour on the Civic FC followed by the Accord facelift in 2016. Despite costing a small premium over regular shades, the White Orchid Pearl contributed 38 percent for the Civic and 33 percent for the Accord in total sales.

Honda Malaysia subsequently made the premium colour available on the all-new CR-V and has accounted for 26 percent of CR-V’s sales to date. Based on an internal survey by the company, Honda Malaysia has decided to offer the White Orchid Pearl for all Honda models sold in Malaysia.

Customers who wish to have their Jazz and City petrol in this exact shade will have to fork out an additional RM120 while the tall riding BR-V and HR-V will have a surcharge of RM300. Waiting period for these four models is expected to be between one to two months. The White Orchid Pearl of the Jazz and City petrol variants are now available for order while the new colour option will only be available for the BR-V and HR-V starting from the third week of February 2018.


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