We should be thankful that it doesn’t snow in Malaysia

Sure, there’s no arguing that a little breeze would be a refreshing change from the usual tropical heat we’re subjected to 365 days a year – a natural repercussion of living by the equator.

But to have four seasons? Winter? Snow? Black ice? Or even worse, blizzards? Aside from missing out on the seasonal snowball fight, we should count our blessings for not having to endure the ugly side of winter. Here’s two examples as to why:

Here you have a school bus in Massachusetts, USA helplessly but gracefully sliding down a traction-free road. Imagine the horror of watching (or knowing that) your kid had been “ice-skating with bus”. But as always, you can count on a Toyota to be up for any tasks and in this case, holding back the bus from causing further damage. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

“Saved by the pole” – a statement rarely expressed by anyone, unless you’re in the constant frost white surroundings of Russia. Yes, the video may be a little dated but the memory of a near head-on collision with a thousand-tonne truck may never get old for those behind the camera of this footage.

Credit: MassLive / ViralHog


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