This is not your average Euro NCAP crash test video

You’ve seen us post countless videos of ASEAN/Euro NCAP crash test videos – from the recent 5-star ASEAN NCAP rating given to the all-new Perodua Myvi to the 0-star Euro NCAP rating given to the refreshed Fiat Punto.

But nothing would prepare you for this – Koenigsegg’s highlight reel from their crash tests – in celebration of their Instagram account acquiring one million followers.

The choice of music, as you’d agree, is highly questionable but there’s no doubt how amusing it is to watch Koenigseggs being smashed into the wall, slammed into pillars, crushed from its roof down and even knocked with hammers.

What’s also interesting to note is that, as the car crashes head-on into the wall in slow-motion, you actually notice the energy transfer from the front bumpers onwards to the A-pillar and subsequently “released” through the windows.


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