Tesla boss Elon Musk is an avid user of social media platform, Twitter and if you ask the right questions, he might even tweet back. Such is the case for Twitter user Vancouver Seed Bank (@VanSeedBank) who expressed that the world needs an electric pick-up truck to which the man himself replied, yes, Tesla will be building one after the Model Y Crossover.

In his Twitter exchange, Musk said that the “core design/engineering elements” of an electric pick-up truck have been on his mind for almost five years. Tesla is looking to introduce the pick-up after the brand’s fourth model, the Model Y Crossover which will be based on the Model 3.

Another follower posed the question to Musk on the potential size of the Tesla pick-up, whether it will be a family-sized truck or a full-sized Ford F150. Musk responded that the pick-up will spot a similar size as the class-leading F150 to accommodate “a really game-changing feature”.

Recently, Tesla unveiled its second-generation Roadster and Semi truck with the former expecting to hit the roads by 2020.

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