Tesla Model X vs Hummer H2 in a tug of war – will electric power prevail?

It’s a battle of the heavyweights in their own right; in one corner you have the electric-powered Tesla Model X and on the other is the fuel-guzzling monstrosity of a Hummer H2.

Both are equipped with studded tyres for a surface most would struggle to find grip standing still. While it’s expected that the Hummer H2 would prevail effortlessly in the three rounds of tug of war, you’d be surprised how the Tesla Model X fared in the final run.

Most of you should be aware that weight is an important factor when it comes to putting down traction and on that note, the Tesla weighs 2,600 kgs while the Hummer surpasses the three tonne mark at 3,200 kgs.

Both are equipped with all-wheel drive but this is where the Tesla prevails. Benefiting from pure electric power, the Model X produces 670 hp with 970 Nm of torque while the H2 makes a measly 321 hp with 488 Nm of torque in comparison.

Who would prevail? The “lighter” but more powerful Tesla or the “underpowered” but significantly heavier Hummer?

Source: YouTube


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