Renault Symbioz is a fully autonomous electric car with 670 hp & 660 Nm

Renault has just unveiled its first rolling prototype of its all-electric concept car, the Renault Symbioz. Powered by two electric motors, the Symbioz was designed to be fully autonomous from the ground up, creating a whole new onboard experience that is equally as exciting as being behind the wheel yourself.

The new prototype (or Symbioz demo car) features Level 4 autonomous driving which allows the drivers to be ‘mind-off’. Level 4 autonomous is capable of driving the car independently without needing the driver to concentrate on the road ahead. On highways or dual carriageways, the Symbioz demo car can adjust the vehicle speed to the car in front, stay in its lane when cornering, change lanes, overtaking another car and function alone in traffic jams, all without any input from the driver.

As the leading European carmaker for electric vehicles, the futuristic Symbioz is naturally powered by batteries. Two electric motors mounted on the rear axles give the rear-wheel-drive autonomous car a maximum power of 500 kW (670 hp) and 660 Nm of peak torque. Output is down to 360 kW (482 hp) and 550 Nm under normal load. Acceleration from zero to 100 km/h takes 6 seconds flat.

The Symbioz demo car is also equipped with 4Control all-wheel steering system which was first equipped on the fourth-gen Megane GT. Power supply is courtesy of a 72 kWh battery pack (expandable up to 100 kWh) that can be plugged into a fast charging point, giving it 80 percent juice in less than one hour.

Drivers can select between three driving modes – Classic, Dynamic and AD. Classic is the default driving mode where the drive is in total control of the car and the car’s settings are focused on comfort. Dynamic mode as the name suggests; sets the electric motor, steering and chassis into the most aggressive setting for a dynamic driving style. If you prefer to lay back and let the car do all the dirty work, AD mode engages fully autonomous driving (AD) and stows away the steering wheel and dashboard by 12 cm for a relaxing commute.

Executive Vice President, Product Engineering, Groupe Renault, Gaspar Gascon Abellan on the Renault Symbioz: “You cannot re-imagine the future of mobility until you’ve been in the SYMBIOZ demo car. Our engineering and design teams have pushed into the next decade with an autonomous car that lets you experience a new kind of mobility. Electric and connected, this working concept car is designed from the outset to challenge old paradigms about getting from place to place.”



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