Next-gen Subaru WRX will look a lot like the concept car, AWD & plug-in hybrid

During the unveiling of the Subaru Viziv Performance Concept at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, Subaru hinted that the next-gen Subaru WRX will feature a “sedan body, symmetrical AWD and horizontally-opposed engine”. It was also expressed that the new WRX will be powered by an eco-friendlier powertrain in the form of a plug-in hybrid.

It was recently revealed to Autocar UK that feedback from the public towards the Viziv Performance Concept had been good, and as such Subaru Design Chief, Mamoru Ishii-san, is tempted to leave much of the concept’s design unchanged for the production model which is due in 2020.

Ishii-san said: “We have built up this tradition with the Legacy, Impreza and WRX. We want it to look fast even when it is parked.”

“Such a car brings lots of expectation, from within the company and from our customers. What we know is that our customer’s lifestyles are changing and we have to respond to that. The question was whether we have done that in a correct way with this concept.” he added.

Ishii-san expressed that while autonomous and connective technologies are well received by many customers, there is still a handful who place driving pleasure in high regard and Subaru is not going to sideline these enthusiasts.

The next-gen WRX will undoubtedly be fitted with Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive but Subaru will be exploring alternative powertrain options in addition to the horizontally-opposed boxer engine. A plug-in hybrid set-up is also in the pipeline. Ishii-san explained: “Four-wheel drive is critical to the power and performance levels our customers expect, but on the engine, we have more freedom.”


Subaru Viziv Performance Concept


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