These days, it’s not only about the rich getting richer. It’s also about those who’ve came into “new money” and according to Bloomberg, there were over 13 million people with seven-figure net worths as of the end of last year – imagine nearly half the population of Malaysia (32 million) being millionaires!

With such a spike of individuals with spiked net worths, Italian powerhouse Ferrari claims that demands for their supercars have soared to a point where production is planned to increase next year.

According to the same Bloomberg report, in order to meet demands, Ferrari will double factory shifts to two a day to meet the delivery target of almost 9,000 cars in 2018. When Ferrari eventually introduces its first ever SUV, expect those numbers to jump even higher.

Globally, Ferrari recently introduced the new Portofino V8 GT, successor to the California, that produces 591 hp with 760 Nm where 0 to 100 km/h takes a mere 3.5 seconds to achieve. Locally, aside from attaining the Ferrari Classiche Authorised Workshop certification, Naza Italia has also launched the 6.5-litre V12 Ferrari 812 Superfast where our very own GC Mah got to test in Ferrari’s test track in Fiorano, Italy.

Source: Bloomberg

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Pan Eu Jin
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