Naza Italia is now certified by Ferrari to care for your classic prancing horse

Of Ferrari’s influence in 20 markets worldwide, 48 official dealers have been nominated as “Ferrari Classiche (classical in Italian) Authorised Workshop”, known as “Officina” (workshop in Italian). This acknowledgement authorises the dealer to implement the Ferrari Classiche certification process and ensure the correct maintenance and repairs of Ferrari’s over 20 years old.

Finally, some professional lovin’ for your classic Ferrari then and Naza Italia, among all, has been nominated as a Ferrari Classiche Authorised workshop. Each Classiche Officina will be supported by the Ferrari Classiche department straight out of the Ferrari factory in Maranello.

In return, each Ferrari Classiche Officina must commit to maintaining a dedicated workshop ramp and a trained classic Ferrari technician exclusively for the maintenance, repair and certification applications of old Ferraris.

A Ferrari Classiche Officina offers highly qualified services, ensuring the vehicle’s value through the Ferrari Classiche Certification process – to maintain the valuable technical expertise of the Ferrari brand and the customer’s investment in their classic Ferrari and its certification.

Where there is a need for reconstruction of major parts or components – necessary for the Ferrari Classiche Certification – such works will be carried out at the Ferrari factory.


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