Range Rover is considering a two-door luxury coupe SUV – for what though?

In a time when SUVs are all the rage, Range Rover is considering the opportunities to bring a new variation to its range – an exclusive two-door, limited production Range Rover built by their Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) department.

While the reason may be valid to plug the gap for a two-door super luxury SUV in the market, we’ve all seen how “practical” the previous two-door Evoque and Evoque convertible can be.

Unless the elites can be convinced to shell out large sums for a car that would merely appear as a trend-setter rather than a flashy supercar, it’s hard to see it make any business sense for the brand as most looking to buy the Range Rover (even the elites) would get it for its family-friendly practicalities.

Range Rover recently patented the Range Stormer name, from the original Range Stormer concept revealed more than decade ago – hinting the imminent reality of a two-door super luxury SUV.

The market certainly lacks a car to fill that uber-niche segment with the new Lamborghini Urus resembling a coupe the most, despite affording five-doors – although the possibility of a Ferrari SUV could change all that.

The new model could even top the latest 557 hp extended-wheelbase Range Rover SVAutobiography introduced recently with a whopping 1.2 metre of rear leg room in an airplane-like cabin.


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