Now that we’re done being obsessed with the launch of the most anticipated Malaysian car launch of the year, the all-new Perodua Myvi, one that we had a first taste of even before its unveiling, the next one to look forward to has to be the new Lamborghini Urus SUV.

Due for its inaugural unveiling at the end of the year, the Urus will be powered by a 4.0-litre twin turbo V8 and is set to produce something in the ballpark of 600 hp with 800 Nm of torque available. The possibility of a plug-in hybrid is also on the cards but its arrival won’t be due till late next year.

In fueling the fire, Lamborghini has released a teaser video on its official page on YouTube – where the Urus’ “Neve mode” (Italian for snow) and four-wheel drive prowess was put to the test. The Urus has so far been reported to also come with four-wheel steering and electronic dampers.

In the video, you’d notice that the Urus is also developed to be competent in various other environments with different driving modes namely Strada (road), Sport, Corsa (track), Sabbia (sand), Terra (dirt) and Neve (snow). Just a week ago, Lamborghini released a similar teaser video demonstrating its Sabbia (sand) mode as it was driven through a dessert.

Lamborghini has predicted that Urus SUV would account for half of its global sales before the end of the decade. The Italian supercar maker also recently revealed plans to build a four-door sedan.

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Pan Eu Jin
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