At the 45th Tokyo Motor Show, Lexus has premiered to the world the “LS+ Concept” with automated capabilities while also unveiling limited editions of the “RC F” and “GS F”.

The LS+ Concept will be the basis of future LS flagship sedans and along with its automated driving technologies will be due in 2020. Starting at the front, the signature Spindle Grille gets a bold new look with large grille shutters to improve cooling and enhance aerodynamics. The LS+ Concept’s visual appeal is also highlighted by its partly laser-lit headlamps and rear combination units.

Utilising its “Highway Teammate” automated driving technologies, it will enable automated merging, lane changing and diverging as well as keep a vehicle in its lance while maintaining distances.

On the side the LS+ Concept, Lexus has also introduced the limited edition “RC F” and “GS F” which will be available for sale in Japan next year. In conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the birth of the “F” models since the Lexus IS F, the pair will be equipped with performance shock absorbers for improved steering stability.

With keen attention to weight reduction, lightweight titanium mufflers and carbon fibre-reinforced plastic exterior components have been extensively used with body panels painted in matte grey. Their interiors will come in a special colour, highlighted by the “F” symbol, coloured in “Heat Blue”.


Lexus LS+ Concept

Lexus RC F

Lexus GS F

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