Another finger-licking prospect by Honda, now with an electric sports car

All-new Honda Sports EV Concept unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show

The announcements just seem to keep coming and get more exciting. Just a couple days ago, Honda Malaysia made the declaration we’ve all been waiting for – the new FK8 Civic Type are will be coming to Malaysia with bookings to open in Oct.

This follows after the overwhelming responses from the Frankfurt Motor Show on the unveiling of the super cute Honda Urban EV concept where a road-going model will due for production before the end of the decade.

And now, Honda has just announced that it will be unveiling an all-new sports car to go with the new, lap time breaking Civic Type R and thrilling hybrid NSX. The electric sports car, will be on showcase at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show at the end of the month.

Not a single hint or description has been released although, if recent reports are true, it should be built on the same EV platform for the upcoming Urban EV that caught our attention with its petite but perky figure with a front grille and tailgate that can display battery charging status, driving advises and even interactive messages.

If the Urban EV’s interior looks like this, imagine what the Sport EV’s would look like!

The Honda Sports EV Concept will feature a striking silhouette, friendly front end and supple body designs. Combining EV performance and AI technology in a compact shell, it is said to be developed with an aim to deliver a feeling of joy and provoke an emotional connection with the car and road.


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