Toyota Japan launches the new “GR” Sportscar series – sportier exhaust, suspension and interior

They sure know how to keep us on our feet when it comes to fueling excitement around the sportscar culture – the newly launched GR sports car series will be replacing the “G Sports” performance car series as the new torch bearer of cultivating the enjoyment of cars through driving experience.

The greatest, most exciting piece of information from this news is that TMC plans to gradually deploy the GR series outside of Japan! This follows after the launch of the new Innova 2.0X in Malaysia just last week which looks radically-enticing.

Established as a company within TMC, GAZOO Racing’s cars and personnel have been refined and trained through their exploits in motorsports such as the 24 Hours of Nürburgring endurance race in Germany and the All-Japan Rally Championship.

The line-up of cars in Japan consist of the highest spec “GRMN”, the mid-range “GR” and the entry-level “GR-Sport”. While the GRMN range features tuned engines, the GR-Sport will be more tame, seen as a simple means for ordinary drivers to “enjoy a casual sportscar driving experience”. Aside from extending the GR-Sport range to minivans, aftermarket “GR Parts” will also be available for owners to customise their own cars.

The GR-Sport series involves the Vitz, Prius PHV, Harrier, Mark X, Voxy and Noah with standard equipment including special tuning suspension, brace addition, aluminium pedals and a smaller diameter steering wheel. The Prius PHV, Harrier, Mark X, Voxy and Noah also comes with a special tachometer imprinted with a GR logo. The Vitz, Harrier and Mark X models will get additional spot welding for increased chassis rigidity while a specially-tuned exhaust will be applied to the Harrier alone.

The GR and GR-Sport series will be offered for the Vitz, while the GR-Sport series is available for the Prius PHV, Harrier, Mark X, Voxy, and Noah in Toyota dealerships in Japan effective today. Later on, TMC will be adding the Vitz GRMN, GT 86 GR, Aqua GR-Sport and Prius GR-Sport to the performance line-up.


Vitz GR-Sport

Prius PHV GR-Sport

Harrier GR-Sport

Mark X GR-Sport

Voxy VR-Sport

Noah GR-Sport


Vitz GR

86 GR

Prius GR-Sport

Aqua GR-Sport



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