Ford, like every other leading manufacturer, is always been on the competitive edge of innovation – most notably with its award-winning EcoBoost technology which has garnered praises from all quarters of the industry.

This new “idea” they’re toying with, is on a whole new level. They’re tinkering with the idea of fitting a conference room or a kitchen into their future autonomous vehicle’s interior. This follows after a report by on a patent filing for a retractable table that comes with an airbag for use in self-driving cars.

It makes sense if you think about it; if you’re not going to drive, might as well have some work space to be productive. The table is said to be able to retract into the floor of the vehicle if not in use. Get this – it will even come with an airbag that would inflate in a crash to absorb the impact to reduce injuries sustained by the passenger.

As interesting as the idea sounds, it may or may not be a reality. also reported that these patent submissions on new ideas are merely standard business procedures – to protect new ideas with no concrete indication that it would reach the production line.

There’s still loads to be excited about and expected of the Blue Oval though – its new Fiesta with cylinder deactivation technology and the prospect of 13 new electrified cars and a possible hybrid Mustang!




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