Volvo’s first ever full electric car will be made… in China

Volvo Cars, the Swedish premium carmaker has just announced at the Shanghai Motor Show 2017 that the company will be building its first full electric car in China! The electric vehicle will go on sale in 2019 and China will be the export hub for these zero emission vehicles.

“Volvo Cars fully supports the Chinese government’s call for cleaner air as outlined in the latest five-year plan. It is fully in-line with our own core values of environmental care, quality and safety,” said Håkan Samuelsson, Chief Executive of Volvo Cars. “We believe that electrification is the answer to sustainable mobility.”

China is the world’s largest market for electrified cars thanks to the government’s initiative to address congestions and air-quality issues in its major cities. China’s exponential growth as an automotive manufacturing hub will play a significant role in assisting Volvo’s plans for electrified mobility.

Volvo’s first electric car will feature the company’s Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), designed for compact cars. They are also currently developing a fully electric car based on its Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform that underpins the 90 series and 60 series models.

Volvo is aiming to sell a total of one million electrified cars – full electric and hybrid included – by 2025. Coincidentally, that’s the same figure as Volkswagen. Currently, Volvo has three manufacturing facilities in China – Daqing that produces 90 series cars, Chengdu for its 60 series cars and Luqiao making its 40 series cars.



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