Would you spend RM 64,000 on a Bugatti Veyron diecast model?

Indulging in the cars as a hobby can come in various different forms and figures. While most commonly indulge in the real thing, some opt to invest their time and money in LEGO or Matchbox’s while some take fancy in diecast models that either came ready made or in kit form.

Then there’s another level; Amalgam’s model cars, more specifically its USD 15,000 (approx RM 64,000) Bugatti Veyron Vitesse. The 1:8 scale model Veyron Vitesse comes with functional air brakes as you’d get in the actual car, LED lights and indicators, illuminated interior and many more features.

Each is said to be built by hand with over 300 man hours to complete using proper CAD data supplied by Bugatti themselves to ensure that the features are as accurate as it can be. As fine car model manufacturers go, Amalgam is of the Rolls-Royce standard.

Every detail of the vehicle, whether inside or out, can be tailored to your every specific preference – from wheels, license plates to even the stitching on the seats. In terms of its classics, Amalgam even go to great lengths to locate the actual cars, digitally scan them to capture the precise dimensions of every part including engine, chassis and drivetrain. They also take between 600-800 photographs for a closer understanding of every inch of the car.

While we’re aware that most would pay approx RM 64,000 for timepieces and other luxury goods, would this be pushing the limits of sanity?

Source: Car Throttle /  Car Scoops 

Image Credit: Amalgam Collection


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