Celebrating ZF Malaysia’s 15th anniversary – also introducing the OPENMATICS tracking system

In conjunction with its 15th anniversaryZF Sales and Service (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (ZFSSM), a subsidiary of leading automotive supplier, ZF Group,  has renewed its commitment to enhance urban transport modernisation in Malaysia.

General Manager of Business Unit Services, Mr Siew Chee Kok said, “Urban centres face demand for commercial vehicles that are reliable, safe and most importantly, cost effective and productive. Sustainable urbanisation poses a challenge as automotive industry requires vehicles to have low operating costs given the high intensity of vehicle usage without compromising safety and speed. ZFSSM intends to be the enabler for the Malaysian transport network by lending our expertise to modernise urban transport backed by ZF Group’s innovative products and technologies,” explained 

ZFSSM has been played a huge role in the Malaysian automotive industry for the last 15 years; from supplying aftermarket SACHS shock absorbers to Proton and Perodua, to providing rail shock absorbers for Rapid KL.

In keeping up with its commitment to support sustainable urbanisation, ZFSSM has equipped 300 MRT single deck city feeder buses with ZF EcoLife, a high performance 6-speed automatic transmission for buses. To date, there are more than 900 city buses in Malaysia equipped with ZF EcoLife transmissions with various torque outputs ranging from 1,000 to 2,300 Nm to ensure utmost efficiency in buses that can weigh up to 32 tonnes in gross vehicle weight. 

On the vehicle fleet management front, ZF also offers connectivity solutions with OPENMATICS, an innovative telematics solution that allows fleet management to be transparent, thus avoiding driving without loads, taking into account driving and rest periods in route planning and monitoring fuel consumption. It can be accessed via mobile applications like Google Play and Apple Store.

OPENMATICS Asset Tracking solution enables tracking and monitoring of valuable assets allowing for efficient and modern logistics as prevention of loss of goods. The core element of the technology are Bluetooth Smart TAGs that can be easily installed anywhere, be it on transport containers, pallets, swap bodies or cargo itself. They can be used for up to five years before being recycled by OPENMATICS.

Backed by over 100 years of German innovation, ZFSSM’s product range includes its strong aftermarket brands such as SACHS, LEMFÖRDER, TRW, BOGE, and its connectivity product, OPENMATICS.  The year 2017 marks the 15th anniversary of ZF Sales and Service (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. 



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