Land Rover recently pitted their Discovery Sport SUV against a team of six sled dogs led by Laura Kääriäinen in an underground snow tunnel in Finland for a unique training challenge.

The “race” was organised at the Vesileppis Ski Tunnel in Finlandfor a much-needed sprint around the track in anticipation of winter championships.

Laura Kääriäinen and her Finnish middle distance championship-winnning team of sled dogs went head to head in a unique one km sprint around a tunnel that’s been carved out 35 metres below ground level and kept at a constant  -2°C to maintain a blanket of snow that’s 20mm deep throughout the summer. This makes for a perfect place to put the Discovery Sport’s all-terrain capability to the test.

Driver Karl Richards, Lead Engineer for Stability Control Systems at Jaguar Land Rover, said: “Snow is one of the most demanding surfaces drivers will encounter during winter around the world and Discovery Sport proved to be as comfortable in these conditions as the dogs. Land Rover’s advanced Terrain Response technology and intelligent four-wheel drive system ensure our premium compact SUV is in a class of its own when it comes to off-road driving – whether you’ve got two legs or four.”


Land Rover Discovery Sport

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Pan Eu Jin
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