The new Audi A8’s sound system will change your in-car entertainment experience

The Audi A8 now comes with the Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System to bring unique acoustic character of pure 3D sounds to the rear seats so that for oligarchs and industrialist to indulge in their presumably classical music preferences.

The system comes with 23 loudspeakers, where each comes with its individual amplifier, pumping out 1,920-watt of harmonic performance that produce high-resolution sound patterns to impressive effect. In Audi’s words, this is especially profound when reproducing classical concert of high recording quality – with music unfolding as if it were recorded, not diluted by artificial effects.

First introduced in the Q7 two years ago, the system is now extended to the rear compartment of the new A8. Of the 23 speakers, two of which positioned on the A-pillar and another two on the headlining of the rear seats help create the perfect stereophonic experience. When the system is switched on – and this is the coolest bit –  two tweeters extend vertically from the dashboard.

Even distribution of sound is owed to the Bang & Olufsen’s Acoustic Lens Technology and to produce the 3D sound Audi has worked together with applied research centre Fraunhofer Institute in Erlangen to come with up with an algorithm that adapts invidually to different sounds – ensuring that sounds produced isn’t distorted.

The system also comes with a special function for film sound tracks called Movie Set, playing sounds of the same quality as you’d get in a cinema, also in terms of its sound effect. For instance, if a character appears on the left side of the screen, sounds will follow suit from the left side.


“Integrating the loudspeakers at the right points in the car is the key to 80 percent of the audio quality. They need to be mounted as rigidly as possible, so we fixed the subwoofer in the rear panel, which is made from carbon fibre-reinforced polymer. The aim is to isolate the loudspeaker from the body and prevent any vibrations from being transmitted,” explained sound/acoustics developer for the Audi A8, Wolfram Jähn.

Even the speaker grilles play a role in projecting quality sounds. Audi works closely with B&G to ensure maximum acoustic transparency while providing protective function. In the Audi A8, precision-perforated covers of double-anodised aluminium adorn the loudspeakers in the front and rear doors.

Audi’s collaboration with Bang & Olufsen has spanned almost two decades and from 2005 onwards, A8’s have been available optionally with the Advanced Sound System by the Danish specialist. This meant Audi was the first carmaker to be able to supply a factory-fitted high-end sound system. In the new Audi A8, Bang & Olufsen will offer both the Advanced and the Premium Sound System.

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