Volvo’s new XC40 to come with increased storage space, for a clutter-free interior

Volvo Cars have been known to be some of the most considerate carmakers in the world where every move, every approach taken has always been for the foresighted benefit of the driver and passengers alike.

This time Volvo Cars seek to address and effectively end the problem faced by most car owners – a lack of suitable and functional storage space inside their cars. This will be applied in the upcoming XC40 which will complete the company’s SUV line-up which also features the XC60 and XC90.

Volvo Cars’ Customer Research Team has spent considerable time investigating how car owners around the world store their belongings and how they’d like to see their car’s interior improved. As it turns out, different regions and cities produced remarkably similar results.

“As we spoke to people about how and where they store the things they carry with them daily, it was quite clear that most of today’s cars are falling short in this area. Phones slide around in the mid-console, takeaway bags are at constant risk of falling over and people fumble behind the wheel as they try to get service cards out of their wallets. We set out to solve these and many other issues we encountered,” said Volvo Cars Model Brand Manager for the 40 series, Louiza Atcheba.

The concept of which the new XC40’s interior will be based on

To provide better storage space by the doors in the new XC40’s interior, Volvo designers have opted to move the speakers from the door by developing a world-first, air-ventilated dashboard-mounted subwoofer. As a result, Volvo has managed to free up so much space by the door compartment that it would fit a laptop, tablet and a couple bottles of water.

A small-fold away hook by the glove compartment ensures that small shopping or takeaway bags can be secured while both front seats offer storage space which will be able to accommodate a mini tablet and other such items. The XC40 also offers slots for credit and other service cards by the dashboard for easy access while storage area under the armrest will be spacious enough even for a large tissue box. Even a removable bin is provided for easy disposal of waste.

The boot comes with a smart floor system which allows you to compartmentalise your luggage, optimising storage space without removing the floorboard from the car. The boot’s floor even comes with a private locking storage compartment!

“A lot we have done with the XC40 is based on extensive consumer insight. With the XC40, we declare the end of clutter, making sure that everything is within arm’s reach but also out of sight. It’s about clearing the clutter so you can clear your mind,” concludes Louiza Atcheba.


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