Datsun GO live – a new exciting concept designed for young Indonesians

Datsun GO live

All we get here are Almera’s with some Nismo badging but young Indonesians get a car whose design is catered to their customising way of life. What?!

The Datsun GO live, based on the popular Datsun GO is an exciting new concept created specificially for young Indonesians who see car customisation as a way of life. It recently made its debut in at the GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show.

Datsun’s Executive Design Director, Kei Kyu said, “If the GO live could be summed up in a single word, it would be ‘freestyle’. The car reflects the fun, expressive and liberating attitude that Indonesian car enthusiasts have toward their vehicles. In short, it’s meant to be fun, upbeat and cool.”

Looking at the limited images available, the signal of intent is clear – to woo the younger more vibrant Indonesian demographic. That said, its funny how the promotional video of a car catered to a young Indonesians, do not actually feature an Indonesian in it.

The Datsun GO live’s camouflage-style paint scheme with bright yellow accents is a reflection of the colours and patterns found on many of today’s latest trends – whether its shoes, clothes or accessories.

The tall and sleek compact 5-door hatchback features a large, bold hexagonal grille with slim, canted headlights. Its bulding fender flares, an inspiration from Datsun’s design heritage offers a wider, more muscular stance.

The rear sits higher up, giving the impression that the GO live is constantly moving forward. Yes, that’s what was reported – we just convey then. The rear end is highlighted with large square taillights, a flamboyant roof-mounted wing and a thick rear bumper – because who doesn’t like a thick rear end?

Complementing its elevated stance, the GO live comes with 17-inch wheels with yellow spokes to match the body. Kyu said, he handpicked the wheel and tyre combination with large profiles to represent the diverse nature of the GO live.

Kyu stated that the GO live isn’t intended to just appear sporty, sitting low and extra wide on the ground because it’s too predictable. He emphasised that the car is for anyone who loves to spend the weekends actively – whether on long drives or to the mall.

The latter doesn’t only apply to young Indonesians.


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