Next-gen Nissan Leaf teased – flaunts bold lines and sharp edges, to debut soon

The second-generation Nissan Leaf is slated for its global debut later this year and with Nissan previously teasing us with its sleek and modern headlamp design. Today, the company has proceeded to flaunt the sleek side profile of the all-electric hatchback.

Inspired by airplane wings and designed from the ground up, the new Leaf is said to sit even lower to the ground with less drag and better stability. There are also unique design cues to allow the car to achieve zero lift at high speeds, keeping the car planted onto the tarmac.

Based on the teaser image, we can tell that the new Leaf looks undoubtedly better looking and sleeker than its predecessor with bold lines and sharp edges all round. The awkward long overhang on the old car is fortunately redesigned in favour of a more conventional hatchback appearance.

It is also expected that the new Leaf’s drag coefficient will best the previous-gen’s 0.29. Improved aerodynamics will assist the hatchback to better slice through air for a smoother and more efficient journey. Nissan is proud to say that the new Leaf is capable of travelling up to 400 km on a single charge, significantly more than the outgoing model’s 135 km cruising range.

Besides that, we also know that Nissan’s ProPilot which allows for semi-autonomous driving will be made available on the new Leaf, along with an all-new, fully coloured instrument cluster display. Having said all that, an edgy all-electric family hatchback with semi-autonomous driving that can travel from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore on a single charge doesn’t sound too bad eh?


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