BMW has just released a single image of a topless roadster on its Facebook page with an accompanying caption “Tune in on August 17th at Pebble Beach”, teasing the imminent unveiling of a new roadster at the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’ELEGANCE. Hope we’re not jumping the gun by calling the Z5 for now.

BMW’s only roadster in its stable is the two-seater E89 Z4 which ceased production in June 2016 therefore the new roadster may very well be the replacement for the Z4. The next-gen Z4 is jointly developed with the highly anticipated Toyota Supra where both cars will share a new platform and powertrain options.

The next-gen Z4’s twin, Toyota FT-1

Based on the teaser image, the next-gen Z4 appears to share a similar silhouette as the FT-1 Concept: long bonnet, sloping roof line and sharp rear end. It will most definitely be available with a folding soft and hard top like its predecessors but whether or not for BMW to a fixed roof coupe version like the E86 Z4 remains to be seen. More information of the Mercedes-Benz SLC rival to come in due course.

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