Over 10,000 Subaru XV booked within a month in Japan, white most popular!

Just one month after the second-generation Subaru XV was officially launched, Subaru Japan has recorded over 10,000 bookings for this compact crossover! In its home country, the XV is offered in four different trims: 1.6i, 1.6i-L, 2.0i-L, 2.0i-S, retailing between ¥1.98 million (RM75k) to ¥2.68 million (RM102k).

Of the 11,085 total units booked, the 2.0-litre variants were the most popular, accounting for 79 percent of the bookings (8,718 units). The range topping 2.0i-S was the most popular of the two, at 4,719 units (43 percent). The remaining 2,367 units (21 percent) is broken down to: 255 units of the 1.6i and 2,112 units of the 1.6i-L.

Of the nine exterior colours on offer, Crystal White Pearl was the most popular, making up 30 percent of the bookings. This is followed closely by Cool Grey Khaki at 28 percent. Curiously, only 4 percent of the customers selected the model’s hero colour, Sunshine Orange.

At the Subaru XV regional launch, Subaru Malaysia confirmed that the 2.0i-L and 2.0i-S will go on sale in Malaysia early next year as a CKD model. However, it remains to be seen whether our local-spec will come with the EyeSight active safety system like the JDM models.


Subaru XV 2.0i-S

Subaru XV 2.0i


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