Polestar has tuned 100,000 Volvo cars to date, achieves record growth

Volvo’s official performance arm, Polestar has just reached a significant milestone since Volvo took it under its wing in 2015 by tuning 100,000 Volvo cars. In the first five months of 2017 alone, Polestar tuned 12,000 cars, the highest ever for them.

The astonishing sales growth is driven by the high demand for Polestar optimisations for the new-generation Drive-E powertrains such as the T5 and T6 variants. The most popular is the first-generation XC60 followed by the XC90 and V60. China, Sweden and United States emerged as the top three markets with the highest demand.

Volvo vehicles with Polestar optimisation boasts enhanced engine performance, throttle response, gearshifts, gear hold functionality and off-throttle response. All modifications done by Polestar does not tamper with emissions, fuel consumption, service intervals and Volvo warranties. Locally, Volvo Car Malaysia offers Polestar optimisations upon request, such as the Volvo V40 T5 Polestar we’ve sampled recently.


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