Subaru BRZ STI spotted in the open, finally a faster BRZ in the works?

If there’s something the Toyota-Subaru twins need to fix, it’s the lack of power. Since even the facelifted version failed to address that, we can only hope that Subaru would come up with the long awaited STI variant of the BRZ coupe.

What we have here are pictures of a special BRZ by Subaru America, revealing complete bodykit along with a huge rear spoiler. If anything, this is a positive sign of a proper STI in the works. And just recently, a BRZ similar to this setup was going through some tests near Subaru America’s research and development centre in Ann Arbor, Michigan. That particular BRZ had a racier bodykit, stronger Brembo brakes and sportier looking wheels.

However, what’s underneath the engine bay remains a mystery for now. Since its inception in 2012, there were no serious attempts by both Toyota and Subaru to produce more than 200 hp from the 2.0-litre flat-four engine.

The American-bound Subaru BRZ STI will become part of Subaru’s 50th-anniversary celebration in the United States. Let’s just see if it’ll get the performance boost everyone has been waiting for and pray that it’s not just a mere cosmetic exercise. The said BRZ will be unveiled on 8 June 2017.

Image Source: Evo UK




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