Lotus Elise 220 Sport has the best resale value among all high-performance cars in UK!

If the Lotus Elise has always been on your wish list but need a reason to convince the sensible missus of a two-door stripped out sports car, AutoCar UK has found that the Lotus Elise is UK’s slowest depreciating high-performance car, besting even the highly sought after Ferrari 458 Italia!

Based on their findings, the Elise 1.8 220 which costs £37,150 (RM205,000) brand new is able to hold 54.71 percent of its value over a span of four years. To put things in perspective, the Ferrari 458 Italia retains 55.97 percent of its original £178,491 (RM986,000) list price while the Alfa Romeo 4C holds only 37.2 percent of its £52,505 (RM290,000) original price over the same span of time and mileage.

The resale value of the Elise 1.8 220 Sport is remarkable considering that it’s not a limited production-run car nor any historical significance like the 458’s as Maranello’s last naturally aspirated V8. It must be that Toyota engine that is helping it hold its value. Jokes aside, the Elise was our Editor’s pick for the best car driven in 2016 and with these information at hand, perhaps it’s time to consider an Elise?


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