Ever wonder just how much money carmakers make in profit for each car they sell? Well, apparently Porsche bagged about USD 17,250 (approximately RM76k) for every single car they sell.

In 2016, Porsche delivered 238,000 units, posting a healthy operating profit of 3.9 billion euros (approximately RM19 billion). If the math is done correctly, the profit margin of each Cayenne is equivalent to a brand new Toyota Vios J spec manual (RM76.5k)!

The Porsche Cayenne was instrumental in the revival of the famed Stuttgart brand, saving it from the brink of a massive financial disaster. This time around, the Porsche Macan became the company’s cash cow, contributing to roughly 40 percent of the brand’s global sales.

Ferrari on the other hand, learned the trick of the trade pretty decently too. Last year, each Prancing Horse sold raked them USD 90,000 (approximately RM398k) in profits, and they do so by restricting annual production capacity to just 8,000 cars. Also, 30 percent of the profits came from their non-car division, particularly the theme park, merchandises and Formula One engines. 

What about Mercedes-Benz and BMW? Well, it’s believed that they earn a modest USD 5,000 (approximately RM22k) per car sold, but they both sell millions upon millions of cars per year.

Source: Auto News

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