SpyBuzz: Hyundai i30N to get 2.0L turbo, 260 hp, 6-speed manual [+Video]

One way of telling if a car manufacturer is serious about a product is if you see them conducting winter/ice testings. Hyundai it seems, is not keen on playing second fiddle now after the i30N hot hatch was spotted in Sweden.

Piloting the test mule is none other than Hyundai’s factory rally driver, Thierry Neuville. The Belgian praised the i30N’s traction and stability on challenging terrains, and he admitted that it’s rather easy to handle.

The Golf GTI fighter from Korea will become Hyundai’s first “N” model in their range of high performance cars, and the i30N is the third variant of the i30 line, after the hatchback and estate variants. It will be powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine that will supposedly produce 260 hp. It will be front wheel drive and can be had with either a manual or automatic transmission.

Hyundai’s objective with the i30N is to produce high performance cars that are affordable and fun at the same time – the very reason of this segment’s existence. The Hyundai i30N will be unveiled later this year, and it’ll be interesting to see if this Korean hot hatch could take on established giants such as the Golf GTI and Focus ST.

Travis Chang

Travis Chang

While his day job is as exciting as a certain beige saloon, he knows a thing or two about cars and motorsports. The true definition of motoring nirvana according to him is a clear and twisty tarmac surrounded with mesmerizing vistas, followed with a track list of indie tunes on the stereo. Any cars will do fine, not so for big MPVs which he loathes...
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